Has ‘& other stories’ been a one story brand?

With the promising launch of ‘& other stories’ in March they were looking to become a new high street fashion favourite. So why then have they fallen off my radar?

I checked their website regularly at first, intrigued and interested, but then this faded out. Not only did ‘& other stories’ not make it into my regularly viewed websites, such as Topshop, Zara and ASOS, it occurred to me that I haven’t heard anything about the brand in the press since its launch!

I wondered whether this was due to a lack of awareness on my part or to the brand’s lack of exposure. Taking to the internet I discovered an article on Vogue News from May about a collaboration of ‘& other stories’ with US-based artist and illustrator, Alyson Fox. The pieces shown of this collection in Vogue’s gallery were devine.
‘& other stories’ -1, Holly-0.
But as I looked further all I could find were articles from March 2013 written around the initial launch.
I think that brings the score to 1-1.
A more directed search at Look and Grazia magazines told the same story. Of course, this isn’t to say that ‘& other stories’ pieces haven’t featured in these and other similar magazines, but I don’t believe that awareness of the brand would be this narrow had they achieved more coverage.

So, onto their website I go. ‘& other stories’ – show me what you got.
The first thing to strike me was that either I directly recognised a lot of the items, or it all looks the same. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as I do admire their basic pieces (although a couple that I tried on in store a few months back did not see me a fan of the fabrics. I’ve never been too keen on polyester or viscose). It took some searching, though, to unearth some new favourites.

Sleeveless Top £29 Silk Scarf £29 Denim Shorts £29

My first pick was the Sleeveless Top. I would have been tempted by if this if wasn’t polyester, but overall I was pleasantly surprised by their use of cottons and silks in many items, so long as you select carefully. I own a silk scarf, bought from the store a while back, which I adore, and a couple more have now caught my eye. And, as scouted by Vogue, the Alyson Fox pieces, scarfs, shorts and skirts, are punchy and exciting.

Alyson Fox Cotton Shorts £39 Alyson Fox Silk Skirt £45 Alyson Fox Geometric Print Scarf £39

I also liked their basic denim shorts and the choice stock of some Nike trainers, as well as a few pairs from their own shoe collection.

Overall though, I still don’t think I’ll find myself gushing to others about ‘& other stories’. There are a few choice pieces, but also a lot I could scroll past without batting an eyelid. What I would say however, is that if I don’t  occasionally check in for new items, I think it’d be my loss. So that leaves the tally at a draw, one all. I think you’ll have to up your game ‘& other stories’ if you want to be a winner.


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