Such a thing as spot eradicating skincare?

When teen spots carry on beyond your teens, ‘it’s not fair’ comes to mind. This thought seems, however, less justified when you do a bit of research and discover the large population also suffering from adult acne. So for those of us with spots in our twenties, thirties, forties or fifties, is there a really any skincare saviour we can turn to?

I first encountered spots at about the age of 13, they came in waves, sometimes one offs, sometimes full face breakouts. I came to the end of my Clearasil, Clean & Clear, and Tea tree & Witch hazel tether at the end of my GCSE’s and went to the doctors. Within a month my prescription of antibiotics and PanOxyl 2.5 Aquagel were working wonders – that is if you ignore my dry red face caused by the peroxide; but for me it was a welcome exchange.

But the waves did not stop here. A few months after the antibiotic course ended, the spots crept back. The PanOxyl Aquagel dried out a few, but it was no real match. So back on the antibiotics I went. Again, soon I reveled in my clear skin, loving the lack of concealer dependency and my make-up-free beach face that I felt comfortable to share with the world. Alas, it did not last, and short of staying on antibiotics permanently and risking the formation of all sorts of resistant bacteria, I was more or less back to square one.

I battled on with the PanOxyl Aquagel with varying success depending on who knows what other factors. Mostly I carried on in fear of what might happen if I stopped using it! This was until a fateful day when I discovered I could buy it no more – Stiefel, the company who make PanOxyl, could no longer source ingredients, and manufacture had stopped. My skin at this point, for whatever reason, did get worse. So, armed with my laptop (and a face of acne) I took to the internet. Continue reading